Sunday, October 9, 2016

Closing Time

After 5 years and 1,000,000 views, its time to close the door on Alternate History Weekly Update.

I feel bad about doing this, especially after my post celebrating my millionth view where I said I wasn't going anywhere, but I need to be honest with myself and you.

You see when I created Alternate History Weekly Update, one of the primary reasons was to help me write more by giving myself a deadline. More than five years later I can say with all sincerity that I was successful in that goal. I now write all the time for multiple sites and I have even been published. Mission accomplished.

That said, I've found my writing for The Update becoming increasingly stale and just not enjoyable anymore. I don't post many articles outside of my regular recurring series and I find even making those to be like a chore. On top of that, some of you may have noticed on social media that I have taken a short break from the Internet. Its nothing serious, but I certainly hit a wall and needed time to really think about what brings me joy in life.

Sadly this blog does not bring me joy. I will always be thankful for the opportunities it has brought me and the people I have met through it, but I need to break outside of the box it has put me in. Thus this will be the last post on The Update. I won't be taking down the blog because I want to keep it up as an archive of my writing and editing.

So what happens next for me? Well I am not going to disappear. I actually have created a new blog under The Alternate Historian banner. This will be the official site for news about and articles by me...but I will be posting on an irregular basis. My primary focus will now be my YouTube channel because I really do enjoy making videos and I want to become better at it. So if you haven't subscribed already, please do so. Or follow me on Facebook, Twitter (@alt_historian), Tumblr and DeviantArt, all of which are associated with The Alternate Historian. Plus I will still be writing for Amazing Stories, interviewing for SFFWorld and participating as a Sidewise Awards for Alternate History judge.

More importantly, I am hoping I will have more time to write fiction. I would love to publish more short stories or finally write that novel I always talk about. Because I will now have so much more free time, I might just get the chance.

Once again, thank you everyone for making Alternate History Weekly Update one of the premier sites for alternate history news and reviews. Its been a wonderful ride and I hope you will join me on the next stage of my journey.


  1. Looking forward to your videos Matt!

    1. Thanks, Jose. Also haven't talked to you in a while. I hope everything is going good with you.

    2. Pity AHWU is ending, but it's been a great five years. Thank you for keeping the blog around for archive purposes. I'll finally catch up reading all the interviews and articles that I didn't have time to read when they were first published. All in all, thanks for everything. :-)

  2. Sorry to see you saying farewell. But I will look forward to seeing your posts on The Alternate Historian.

  3. Matt, I'm sorry to see that the blog has come to a close. I understand your reasons and wish you and your family the very best going forward.

  4. Really sorry to see your blog close; I've enjoyed contributing to it and reading others' input.

    And thank you for all the support you've given this althist thriller writer - truly and deeply appreciated.

    But good luck in your new ventures. I've subscribed to the video channel.

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